Excellence in Manufacturing !

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Our Approach

We like to be thorough, but we like to keep it simple. We work hard to build robust processes that can efficiently turn raw materials into high value products. Whether that is helping you get more out of your equipment thru contract services or complete machining & post machining services with finished parts delivered to your door. We are all about getting the best out of the equipment, people, & processes. 

We’re committed to being a supplier who delivers outstanding products to our customers!

We understand that manufacturers today seek suppliers who can provide more than machined parts that arrive in a box. We offer the full service that our demanding customers need to know the parts they receive from us have been made from the proper materials and processed to the industry specifications called for in the purchase orders and prints.

Documentation packages including material certs, FAI results, inspection records, process certifications, etc... are part of the product we provide to let you know what your getting is what you asked for.